Graph of the Week: Outlook for 2009: Continuing to Lend and Stronger Savings


Despite the difficult economic environment, credit unions have continued to serve their members in a most necessary time, even as other financial institutions have pulled back. According to Callahan & Associates' First Look program, preliminary 1Q 2009 data for all participating credit unions indicates positive industry wide trends. Credit unions increased loans 8.4% from the previous year, primarily driven by first mortgage originations which grew 28.8% from March 2007. Shares also increased 9.81% year-over-year. The chart reveals deposit growth is rising at a fast rate!




May 11, 2009


  • CWCU as of 1Q09 (compared to 1Q08):

    Shares 16.5%

    Loans 3.3%

    FX Mort Originations up 95%
    Donna Jackson