Growth of Investment Programs Continues In Challenging Year

The volatile stock market is encouraging more credit union members to turn to investment professionals for help. Learn how credit unions are successfully responding.


Credit unions continued to expand relationships with firms that provide investment services to members in 2001 despite a volatile stock market and the strongest share growth in 15 years. The number of credit unions that have investment programs for members in place now stands at 1,167, or 39 more than at year-end 2000.

Large credit unions continue to be the most active in providing these programs to members, as 82% of credit unions with assets over $250 million currently offer investment services while lower asset ranges show gradually lower levels. Of the 100 largest credit unions, 91 have investment programs in place, 10 more than at year-end 2000.

Credit Union Investment Programs by Asset Size




April 29, 2002


  • am looking to invest somehow, and really appreciated the information provided here. thank you!!!
  • very helpful, would also like contact information for the FCU in house investment firms