Have You RAMPD Up Your Loss Mitigation Efforts to Help Your Members Avoid Foreclosure?

What can your credit union be doing to help members avoid foreclosure?


We've all heard the statistics: loans in serious delinquency are at record-high levels, the inventory of unsold homes is almost twice as high as historical levels, consumer-debt levels keep rising, and so on. The bottom line is that more and more credit union members are hurting and in need of assistance. The question is what can you be doing to help them avoid foreclosure?

Fannie Mae is committed to providing you with a variety of loan resolution options to help your members stay in their homes and/or avoid foreclosure. The RAMPD framework outlines the preferred order of consideration for the use of loss mitigation options and provides a useful reference for assisting your delinquent members:

  • Repayment Plan – an arrangement in which a borrower agrees to pay down past due amounts while still making regularly scheduled payments;
  • Advance – HomeSaver Advance™ (described in more detail below) – a monetary advance to cure a delinquent loan resulting in a separate unsecured loan for the arrearage amount;
  • Modification – any change to the loan terms of a first lien mortgage loan, including changes to the interest rate, loan balance, or loan term;
  • Pre-foreclosure or Short-Sale – the acceptance of a sales contract prior to the foreclosure sale resulting in a payoff of less than the total amount owed on the first lien mortgage loan; and
  • Deed-in Lieu – the voluntary transfer of title from a borrower to the servicer to satisfy the first lien mortgage loan and avoid foreclosure (also called a “voluntary conveyance”)

HomeSaver Advance
Fannie Mae has recently introduced to servicers this new loss mitigation option that provides an unsecured personal loan designed to bring a delinquent loan current. Funds from the loan go toward curing arrearages of principal, interest, taxes, and insurance (PITI), as well as other applicable advances and fees. The unsecured loan is documented by a borrower-signed promissory note, payable over 15 years at a fixed rate of 5% with no payments or interest accrual for the first six months.

HomeSaver Advance is designed for your members who may have fallen behind on their mortgage, but are able to resume timely payments once their loan is brought current by the advance. It helps to simplify and streamline the workout process, by providing an option for earlier resolution of delinquent loans.

For More Information
For more information about Fannie Mae's servicing solutions and loss mitigation options, please visit the Servicing Resources (links to: https://www.efanniemae.com/sf/servicing/ ) page on eFannieMae.com.

For a summary of HomeSaver Advance, please review the HomeSaver Advance Fact Sheet posted on eFannieMae.com.

We look forward to working with YOU
Credit unions are well positioned to provide their membership with sustainable home financing options that have been and continue to be at the very core of their business. And, in this challenging market, helping those in need is at the forefront of all our efforts. Fannie Mae will be there for YOU in all market conditions, and with YOU in the communities that you serve.

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June 23, 2008


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