Feb. 3, 2011


  • Different strokes for different folks. There are some standard business models within the credit union industry. These credit unions’ business models are more specialized.

    They have fewer members to serve or serve them in different ways than the majority of credit unions in the industry. Nearly all of them have one or two branches.

    Star One has 5, but its peer group average is 23. This limits the number of low-salary employees so the average salary and benefits number displayed above is more accurate for middle and executive management. The majority of these credit unions are located in metropolitan or high cost of living areas, which also inflates the average. Expertise, business model, and geography all play a role in this metric.
    Callahan & Associates
  • I can see why these are the leaders in compensation. If truly the average total compensation per FTE for these organizations ranges from $120,293 to $205,310, they should have no shortage of applicants for open positions; however, at this pay, I can't see that anyone would ever leave voluntarily. Am I missing something?
    Gerene Sayre