Jan. 19, 2004


  • Very informative.
  • Your article left the impression that Host Processors are vital to IT and ultimately Member Service strategies. Everything you say is correct, especially the part that we are all small and therefore must or should buy our solutions from the market. However, your article perpetuates the myth that the right IT solution is the solution. This is an unfortunate illusion that is at least a quarter century old.

    For example, why do CIO's have a high failure rate? Its not because they bought SAP, Peoplesoft, BAAN, Fisserv, OSI etc...Its because IT leadership thinks their strategic gig is technical competence. The actual key to success, regardless of what software you buy, is for IT leadership to have a passionate understanding of all the "moments of truth" in all the CU's channels, to understand the Member Experience in all the channels, and then to deploy technology to help create WOW experiences.

    When CU leadership is on this WOW focus, you see different software decisions being made, and you see less focus on picking the right software and more focus on organizational implementation to the benefit of the Member.