Aug. 14, 2006


  • America's Largest Credit Unions

    Based on December, 2008 data

    America's Largest Credit Unions

    Ranked by total assets and how many members.

    In total assets, these top 50 credit unions account for $228 billion of the $825 billion in U.S. credit unions. In members, the top 50 account for 19 million of the 90 million memberships.

  • I thought it was very informative to describe the key areas of opperation in these CU's. It was interesting to see that on the average that each CU is meeting a ROA of 1.1 in a time that many CU's are not that lucky.
    Gregg Hipp
  • Check your data. I don't believe that share draft balances dropped 46.1%
    Joe Schroeder