Aug. 8, 2016


  • The idea of tying insurance services with lending services is not new or unique. What distinguishes this Credit Union and its CUSO is the execution. Mike's Four Tips to Ensure Insurance Success makes the difference between theory and reality. Kudos to Mike and his team.
    Guy Messick
  • Thank you, Guy, for taking the time to share your thoughts about Mike Mastro and Firefighters First.
    Marc Rapport
  • I agree with Bill's comments. My question is, did this creative idea run through an enterprise risk committee or something similar? How did you evaluate the risk profiles for the organization prior to convincing the board that this was the right decision for the credit union?
    Noelle Winterburn
  • Thanks for your question, Noelle. We'll get you an answer in this space from Mike Mastro when he gets back in to his office from a biz trip.
    Marc Rapport
  • I appriciate good ideas and this one is a no brainer. Why would a CU customer not want to purchase their insurance where they do there financial services business? Congrats to Firefighters First for leading the charge in "new service" offerings.
    Bill Mullally
  • Why, indeed? Thanks, Bill. for taking the time to comment.
    Marc Rapport