May 25, 2015


  • That is a great concept which allows the leadership team not only a chance to connect with the staff, but to witness first hand, the member relationship and workflow activities that occur in the branch environment. On a related note, one can also envision where the leadership team might have a branch staff associate "follow" them for a day in the corporate environment, so that they might be able to gain insight into the daily activities on the operations side. It's a win-win for all in terms of being able to connect all of the dots in the function of their organizations. Activities such as these also help to identify the interest of future leaders from within the organization, as they witness first hand, the technical and managerial skills required to advance their careers. Nice work Georgia's Own!
    RW Saunders
  • An excellent idea. Thanks for sharing that.
    Marc Rapport
  • I applaud Georgia’s Own “adopt a branch” initiative. Detachment between the senior management team and branch activity is a problem I see frequently in the consulting work I do. The credit union’s management has taken a simple but profound step toward resolving this problem in a way that will benefit both members and the institution.
    John Hyche
  • Thanks for your comment, John. Georgia's Own program seems to be a success for a lot of reasons there, and it'll be interesting to see how it grows in the future.
    Marc Rapport