How Things Were, Are, and Will Be

Our future will be more than uncertain if we fail to learn from our past. The article "Seeing Things as They Really Are," in Forbes magazine, March 10, 1997, served as a wake-up call for me. Just a couple of weeks before the article was published, I phoned Bucky Sebastian to discuss what may have caused our failure to recognize the need to modernize the Federal Credit Union Act in the late 1980s. Our discussion led to Bucky's well considered assertion: "We were too internally focused." The "Seeing..." article is an insightful, brief review of Peter Drucker's genius and foresight. Drucker is a hero to many managers. The Forbes article declares: "He writes and thinks with exquisite clarity -- a standout among a bunch of muddled fad-mongers."




Sept. 1, 1997



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