How to Create Your Own Video Studio

This video tutorial will have you producing professional looking video faster than you can say “Lights. Camera. Action!”


This summer, Callahan & Associates visited with the staff and members of Community First Credit Union in Appleton, WI. During our two-day site visit for the Anatomy of a Community Credit Union feature, we were able to go behind-the-scenes and watch a recording session of member testimonials. Although CFCU uses a professional studio, any credit union can do a lot within their own walls to create better looking videos.

In this video, “How to Create a Professional Studio,” you’ll learn how to use regular office lamps and a spare desk to turn any location into a professional video set for your online videos.

For more know-how about do-it-yourself video, check out a video tutorial; offers “five minute” lessons on everything from basic green screen set up to advanced lighting techniques and sound design. To learn more about dramatic use of the three-point lighting, check out my tutorial How to Create Rembrandt Lighting.