April 30, 2012


  • There are some really great points in this article. I currently work for Bellco Credit Union in Denver, CO and we hold monthly dialogs with our managers in all areas of the organization. This meeting is driven by the employee and is a time for them to discuss their development, any issues, successes, and really anything they want with their manager. To help the employee recall these topics we use a tool called Connections to help facilitate the monthly dialog with their manager. I definitely appreciate these meetings and think all organizations should implement something similar.
  • Another very well conveyed message with quality references. Thank you for discussing this topic. I hesitate to stereotype too much because there are always varying degrees of how closely individuals will match up to typical. There certainly are strong similarities among generations though. Recently the book Reviving Work Ethic by Eric Chester was the selection by the Credit Union Leaders Book Club on LinkedIn. I recommend it especially from the standpoint that every credit union at some point soon will be hiring Gen Y. As this article so well points out, it's likely that the manager will be at least one generation apart from the novice who comes prepackaged with certain expectations.