May 12, 2014


  • At CFE Federal Credit Union in Lake Mary, FL, we have 5 fully functional H.S. Branches. CFE's role is to market, audit and provide support to these H.S. branches. The actually operations of the H.S. Branch is conducted by 24 selected students per year with 2 paid interns who open and close the branch daily. Students perform all transactions on our core system. The branch is open the entire school day. Our business strategy is to provide real work experience to these students running the H.S. branch. For security and confidentiality, sensitive information is masked with the exception of the students who attend the school from the student tellers. From this H.S. Branch program we have employed at least 20 students post High School. Our business concept is very different but our goal aligns with Apple and SunCoast in the sense of financial literacy and connection to Gen Y.
    Linh Dang