How to Nail the Interview – Five Tips to Remember When Speaking with the Media


Public relations can be a vital part of your credit union’s overall branding, marketing, and community involvement strategy. But few of us ever receive formal interview or media training. Knowing how to put your best foot forward during an interview can make all the difference when it comes to how your credit union is portrayed.

These “Five Tips to Remember in an Interview”, courtesy of Melwood Global – a Washington, DC based Public Relations firm, can help.

1) Make sure your credit union knows about the interview – talk with the person in charge of public relations beforehand

2) Always assume you are on the record – imagine that what you are saying will be printed on the front page of the newspaper (it just might be!)

3) Write down your talking points in advance – taking time to prepare will help you feel more confident and stay on message

4) Prepare for the toughest question possible – preparing for this will make all other questions seem easy

5) Make the time – don’t be rushed – slow down and really focus on the interview to make the best impression

Traditionally thought of as a marketing function, public relations activities have expanded to include more credit union executives in recent years. Those in charge of the lending area, for example, are great resources for reporters who are writing stories about mortgage modifications or other programs. Ensure that your entire Executive Team is prepared for media interviews by sharing these tips. You may also want to stage mock interviews or bring in some outside help to train everyone. An added benefit of formal media training is that it improves your overall presentation skills.