Feb. 8, 2010


  • Thanks Kristin for the "RT" here... if you don't know what that means, then you need to be getting online. So far, we've seen nothing but positive comments from Numerica members on Twitter and Facebook, but if ever there is a problem, we'll be there to respond right away before the RTing gets out of hand!

    I hope that by having a presence within social media sites, I'm adding a personal touch to Numerica's member service, while at the same time, educating, informing, and providing a service.
    Kelli Hawkins
  • This is great advice Chris. Watching the former CEO of Dominos apologize on YouTube would make any CU leader shudder. A marketer said to us just today: no one in their CU was allowed to social network, per their Board’s direction. Fear is a powerful motivator!

    Yet what about all the missed opportunity to connect with people? May I Re-Tweet (RT) two examples from the last hour?

    Children’s Miracle Network (CMNHospitals) asking people to write a note to a very sick child, to motivate him to walk to his mailbox each day:

    http://ow.ly/16Ut3 Want to make a difference to Nevin, @daytonchildrens hospital patient? Send a note. (how adorable is he as spiderman?!)

    Kelli Hawkins at Numerica Credit Union (hawksgrl): President Obama is hiring an official Twitterer http://on.wsj.com/aiFtyF

    Now those Tweets are building community!

    Kristin Witzenburg