Oct. 15, 2012


  • Great article. I believe that onboarding is critical to credit union growth and the key to a good onboarding program is striking a proper balance between service and sales.
  • Good article, we all play a fine line in regards to fees, when I first started in the credit union industry 30 years ago, back then my CEO said, “ remember that when the member walks through the door he is your boss, not me, we all did to remember that. ****
  • Our credit union is conducting a complete overhaul of our member onboarding process, which traditionally was done, more or less, by one person in business development. Moving forward we will train, empower and incentivize all front line and support staff to suggest products and services that may save our members money -- a win-win situation for the members and the credit union.
    Todd Nelson
  • We began a member referral program in September, and already have generated a significant amount of loan growth as well as share deposits. Our current members love the fact we are thanking them and appreciating what they are doing for our credit union.
  • I agree that Member onboarding is a great way to thank new Members and open the door for future communications. We began our program early in 2010, and its worth noting that our best response rates are during the spring to summer months. A welcome is sent within the first 30 days, and follow up offers are spaced about a month apart thereafter, keeping within the 90 day window of opportunity. Streamlining this process through Harland Financial Solutions "touche analyzer" and "messenger" has made the task quick and easy. Monitoring and tweaking of the offers are a must every quarter to analyze what is working and what needs improvement.
    Pati Maguy