Internet-Based Services are

With the growing demand for online Member Service options, some credit unions are developing new initiatives that reach beyond expectations. For example, Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union is using an innovative new Internet-based service that allows its members to retrieve their online credit bureau reports at no cost once every 90 days. The initiative, known as “”, has been live since the spring and can be found on PSECU’s main web site,

Many economists consider the housing market to be the saving grace of an otherwise troublesome economy, as the number of homeowners continues to grow, along with home purchase prices. As Chief Economist and co-founder of, Dr. Mark Zandi said at a recent FDIC conference, “Thank God for the housing market, otherwise we’d be in a real mess.” The purpose of the conference, which was took place in Washington D.C. on November 15 and was co-sponsored by the National Association of Business Economics, was to address growing concerns that the success enjoyed by the housing market may actually be a bubble, poised to burst in coming months.



Nov. 25, 2002


  • Would have been nice to know how much this service through TransUnion cost the credit union.
  • I am new to this site so it is difficult to evaluate.What I have seen is interesting
  • I'm trying to get on psecu@home, but that doesn't work and I can't type the 'r' in a circle registered symbol you printed.