April 5, 2010


  • THis is a great credit union! I've had my personal accounts with them for years and moved my business relationship to them a few years back from a bank. They truly understand business banking and helped correct my business plans based on their experience and it helped. It is a shame that their capital restricts them to do business lending. They bank some of the most prominent businesses in the community and now can't service them properly. Hopefulyl things will get better soon for them and all.
  • It was a great credit union before, it is completely changed now for the worse. Be carefull and pay your loan on time as they will hound and call you if you don't!
  • @ Comment #2: They are no longer a great CU because they follow up on a loan that you promised to pay back? Don't be a dead beat and take some accountability and pay your loan. I wonder how many tellers and new accounts people lost their jobs at that CU because there are so many dead beats?