Nov. 20, 2006


  • Great to see with clear data that strong credit union performance is not reserved only for those with higher assets. The question is what about their business model helped these credit unions succeed?
  • One reader asked whether the credit unions listed in the article demonstrated growth as well? Could it be that their high ROA came at the expense of growth?? As a group, these credit unions bested the industry averages for all major growth indicators: (figures in brackets are Industry growth rates) Asset growth - 7.13% (4.12%) Share growth - 5.90% (3.76%) Loan growth - 10.78% (9.68%) Member growth - 3.78% (1.05% Income growth - 15.04% (14.49%) One can safely conclude that for these credit unions delivered value to their members by executing a well thought out strategy that did not sacrifice growth. -Author
    Appoorva Saxena