Oct. 4, 2010


  • Great article! I feel I am personally much better at building member loyalty than as a salesperson, so this fits right in with who I am as a CU employee. I work very hard to make me, and the CU I work for, the first thing people think when they have a financial issue.

    Members are constantly asking me about financial matters outside of the credit union product and service sphere, but by giving them timely info or knowing the right person to contact that has opened many doors to cross-sell other products and services my CU does offer.

    Like the article says though, not every CU can effectively execute this strategy. Many CUs become too impatient and want to sell, sell, sell. In turn though they often, churn, churn, churn. It's not for everyone.
  • excellent article.
    evelyn neil
  • Zurie,

    Great article.
    Zurie johnson