Dec. 27, 2010


  • I read so many negative articles from Chip regarding the NCUA I wonder what the motive is for this continued barrage of negativity. If it is as bad as these articles portray then I would think the CEOs would get together to address this issue.
    David Branham
  • Huh? What is the end-game here? Is the writer proposing a multi-Billion dollar power play by NCUA, or simply pointing out a lack of transparency? What is the solution to this less-than-clearly defined problem?

    It is far easier to criticize than to lead. What, precisely, do you propose as a solution to this? Does overturning S. 4036 fix it? Doesn't that just put us back where we were before?
    Kelly S
  • Chip, our professional journey intersects again. You may recall leading the ncua under Ed C. I served as the SE in LA. It is good to see your comments. My gut tells me this ncua is a dangerous enterprise. Too much government, too little oversight, and too many union federal employees, making too much money.

    Harvey G
  • Why couldn't this so call "technical" amendment not wait until the new truely elected congress is seated. Leads you to wonder why!!! I agree with Chip...there more to it!
  • I was thinking the same thing. How did this get by everybody that is supposed to be looking out for these things for us? If it was that important I would have thought that we would have had more information.
    Ron J.
  • This article makes a simple and easily understood point: Power granted too easily, too quickly, with no limits, and no apparent restraints without true debate is never good! Congress simply read the bill three times and said there you go NCUA have at it. So if the NCUA Chairman is truly leading (as one comment suggests) then you have to wonder why even she would ask like this. Why she would want to be part of such an open ended tool left to the future that could be easily misused in the future (if not present)….if the NCUA is unchecked. The theme of the “NCUA being unchecked by our industry, by congress, by their own internal compasses” is a growing one, and more signs are popping up every day. To disregard Chip’s commentary for simply a series of negative remarks based on his agenda is just lazy thinking. Every credit union stakeholder today should be wondering what their own personal voice means to our industries agenda instead of just doubting those who will say something. The evidence of the need to evolve our relationship with the NCUA is building – start thinking about what you will say as an individual as to how that relationship will be crafted by us all. No power can go unchecked forever.
    Randy Karnes
  • It is very unfortunate that we really have no voice for the credit union industry and with new bills in the last hour like S. 4036 under POLITICAL POWERS THAT BE we can be assured of never having a voice! We have to just take whatever is passed down to us and adjust our credit union balance sheets or ultimately face forced mergers!!!!!! Wake up credit union CEO's
  • Another example of why lame-duck Congresses should be eliminated. This should have gotten more scrutiny but it is too late now.
    Arthur Wood