It’s Not “Show Me the Money.” It's “Show Me the Service.”

Higher revenue per employee complements efficiency measures, sustains solid service levels, and protects the security of the institution.


The credit union system employs nearly a quarter of a million full-time employees as of 2Q 2010, but not all employees are created equal, at least in terms of productivity. Annual revenue per full-time employee is just one part of a balanced blueprint for productivity within the cooperative system, as driving revenue at the cost ─ rather than benefit ─ of the member can hurt the institution in the long run.

By balancing sales and service cultures with an environment of efficiency, employees can grow revenues in ways that cycle the benefits back to membership while drafting a secure future for the institution.

Dollar revenue generated by employees per dollar spent on salaries and benefits fell annually, from $3.98 in 2Q 09 to $3.75 in 2010, largely because of decreased loan demand in the recession. Yet these 10 credit unions are a positive force in the potential  reversal if this trend, bringing stabilization and a higher value to cooperative membership through increased productivity.

Leaders in Annual Revenue per FTE Employee* | Data as of June 30, 2010
Credit Unions over $20M in Assets
Rk Credit Union St Revenue per FTE Employee  Total FTE Employees  Total Assets
1 MERCK EMPLOYEES NJ $1,862,184                        &n​bsp;                 25 $1,493,098,185
2 PROGRESSIVE NY $1,665,801                              &n​bsp;           22 $607,283,782
3 NCPD NY $1,171,903                                      ​;    17 $503,549,838
4 STAR ONE CA $1,147,457                                       164 $5,240,381,871
5 MELROSE NY $1,142,617                             &​nbsp;            63 $1,279,162,522
6 MONTAUK NY $975,533                                    &​nbsp;       7 $118,968,420
7 CALIFORNIA LITHUANIAN CA $932,271                                       &n​bsp;    3 $72,518,972
8 LUFTHANSA EMPLOYEES NY $924,933                                           ​ 4 $90,921,327
9 SAN JOAQUIN POWER EMPLOYEES CA $924,787                                            6 $116,735,498
10 MEAD COATED BOARD AL $918,144                        ​                    2 $45,026,582