It’s Your Brand…Make It Unique

To maintain the greatest response from those that you serve, your brand must be an “original—hand signed” by everyone in your credit union.


Your brand…what does that mean?
Is it your name, logo, corporate colors, and tagline implanted on every physical representation of your credit union?

Is it the impact that your products and services have on your customers?

Is it the way the mission and vision statement truly reflect and support your culture?

Is it the means by which you measure member loyalty and retention?

And the final question—does your brand support a “unique” position in your market?

The answer to each of these questions should be “yes” when you endeavor to create, support and deliver your “brand.” To maintain the greatest response from those that you serve, your brand must be an “original—hand signed” by everyone in your credit union.

How do you arrive at the final brand destination?

  • Start with the benefits of your organization – there may be many, but narrow the field to one or two that stand-alone. These benefits should be powerful and embody the essence of your organization’s culture to your audience, such as: integrity, family, accessibility, achievement or a particular core competency…perhaps you’re a leader in indirect lending.
  • Once determined, how does the brand relate to your community and how do you deliver the message? Your tagline, your logo, your imagery, and your staffs’ attitude should be the messengers of your brand. Be consistent in all communication – everything you do about your brand should communicate your uniqueness.
  • Learn from others within the industry by becoming familiar with their stories, successes and failures . What lessons were learned? Did they have a plan and SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time phased) objectives? Did they begin by asking, “Why should ANY person chose this brand?” And, if the plan wasn’t working, were they able to change direction quickly?

A strong brand offers something that people value enough to go the extra distance to have. They create a sense of urgency to enjoy the benefits of your brand, whether high-value products or outstanding service provider – or both. It is their expectation that all offerings will be consistent or exceed the perceived value that will define your brand success.

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Aug. 15, 2005


  • Weak, if any, knowledge on branding!