Oct. 6, 2011


  • I was inspired by the first post back in 2007 - read it more than once. Thanks for the re-visit. Steve Jobs is not the only entrepreneur in history who became an overwhelming success from meager beginnings - but he leaves a legacy of creativity, drive, ambition, flexibility, knowledge, and there are many other ways to describe what lead to his achievements. Reading similar stories by the staff at Callahan is positive momentum to live life inspired.
  • Kelly I love your comment about offering a discount on the cool factor. However, I question your premise. Jobs' creativity brought Apple well beyond computers,just as credit unions don't only offer car loans. The iPod controls 74% of its market; last year the iPad controlled 90% of that market; the iPhone that only relatively recently was tied to one cell carrier and despite its high price tag controls 17.25% of that market. Data from various reports.
    Sarah Snell Cooke
  • Leigh Anne,

    Well written and inspiring. Thank you, I will be passing this along to some of my colleagues.

  • In one way, CU's already have done what the writer has proposed: Apple holds 5% of the computer market, we hold 6% of insured deposits. One big difference, though, is that we don't charge a premium for our cool factor...we give a discount.
    Kelly Schermerhorn
  • Sarah hits the nail on the head. What made Apple's marketing sheer genius was their ability to show you what you can accomplish using the product. Jobs once compared it to Nike... Their commercials never talk about midsole cushioning or lacing systems. It's all about celebrating accomplishments - past and present. Just Do It meets Think Different.
    Frank Evans
  • 6. Steve Jobs was all about how the consumer would use Apple products; not what they were. What Apple products DID for consumers defined Apple, not a generic dictionary definition. Would everyone being calling Jobs a legend if he went around talking about the corporate structure of Apple? Credit unions: make yourselves legendary.
    Sarah Snell Cooke