Key Action Steps to Consider When Preparing for the 2nd Round of Swine Flu


This Spring the H1-N1 flu virus had credit unions scrambling to get their business continuity plans "pandemic ready". As Fall progresses, it is expected that Swine Flu cases will continue to rise and a 2nd wave of the pandemic will affect more individuals. Is your credit union ready? Below is a list of 6 action steps your credit union can take to prepare.

  1. The H1N1 Vaccine was approved recently and is expected to be available in limited supplies sometime early October. Be prepared to sponsor these flu shots for staff, members, and consider offering/sponsoring a clinic.

  2. Update your Pandemic Plan based on what we have learned this year. Get Senior Management sign-off on action steps and/or the decision matrix in advance. Our observation this Spring was that some plans were not activated as written and this creates the potential for liability.

  3. Get your Marketing Department involved in this. They may have a great idea on how to help the community.

  4. Fill your inventory needs for hand cleaner, gloves, and masks while the cost is down for the summer.
    Note: Based on studies and the fact that masks are considered contaminated when removed, OSHA recommends 240 masks per employee to cover the life-cycle of a major pandemic.

  5. Now is the time to update work-from-home policies and capabilities. The Pandemic Plan should have specific updates on social distancing, the use of drive-thru vs. teller lines, and the role of glass separating the tellers from Members.

  6. Be aware, be proactive, protect your staff, members and the community!

 Source: Ongoing Operations




Sept. 16, 2009



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