April 8, 2013


  • Continuious Business Process Improvement blended with technology and a focus on exspenses limits the need to hire more people to services accounts. It is hard to ask why we do things the way we do then change and accept a new process. So it is difficult to read "In 2012, employee costs accounted for much of the increase in the efficiency ratio because salary and benefits, which constitute half of all operating expenses at credit unions nationwide, rose nearly 7%. As credit unions increase their loan originations and other sources of operating income, there has been a greater need to hire employees to service that growth." Raise the capability of the employee, improve moral, and make better decissions.An interesting ratio would be technology investment per employee vs. operational effeciency. Read more: http://www.creditunions.com/articles/key-numbers-for-monitoring-efficiency-suggest-both-promise-and-caution/#ixzz2QXkbDj9f