Nov. 18, 2013


  • I agree completely. Service is the name of the game. Having all the latest and greatest technology is important but at the end of the day service is what the members want and expect.
  • Mark is spot on. There has been an increased focus on complaint management by the CFPB but other agencies have been following in their footsteps so it's not just the $10B+ institutions that need to have a solution in place. Regulators and auditors are pressing financial institutions to capture complaints from ALL channels, not just from the formal letters received pertaining to compliance issues such as UDAAP, Reg E and Fair Lending. Being able to capture frontline issues from the call center or the walk-in at the branch or through the institution's website is critical for gaining a better understanding of the member experience that otherwise goes unnoticed and provides the opportunity to analyze issues and root cause to improve that experience. While Mark built his own solution, there are a number of software solutions on the market such as eComplaint Manager, which is a full complaint lifecycle management solution to capture, manage, analyze and report on complaints from any channel. Solutions such as this help the credit union meet regulatory requirements for complaint management, determine any actions required for resolution, improve the member experience, nip issues before they become big problems and provide the documentation for audits and exams.
    mick kless