Nov. 11, 2013


  • There is no Visa mandate for U.S. merchants to have chip enabled devices at this time; instead there is a liability shift effective October 2015 which states that the party that is the cause of a chip transaction not occurring (merchant or issuer) will be held financially liable for any resulting counterfeit fraud losses. There's a instinct difference in meaning between a mandate and a liability shift.
  • I have a SDFCU Chip Card and while it worked fine in Europe, I have had my transactions declined here in the US when PSCU's falcon rules kick in. For such a high tech card, its too bad that I have to call the CU and report my location or face having my transaction declined. Such methods don't seem well suited to a "membership that's on the move". I would also note that I have "big bank" credit cards that are never declined based on my location on the map.