Sept. 8, 2003


  • The article is well written, easy to understand, and makes valid points which resonates true economic principles and values. Independent Americans and our fore fathers believed in individual rights and ownership of property. This is what makes our country great and secures our liberties. When the message is reasonable and true, but contrary to the ideology of socialist critics, their textbook tactic is to launch a personal attack on the messenger.
  • Alan Theriault's for-profit corporation, CU Financial Services preys upon the ignorance of credit union members and the greed of credit union executives. His bank-funded organization recruits likely CEOs and board members to lead their memberships into a vote for demutualization. CU Financial Services provides marketing materials designed to convince credit union members to demutualize and coaches executives on how to marginalize efforts to preserve the credit union. Shame on you, Alan Theriault. Your false promises and continued destruction of community-oriented institutions reflect a profound disrespect for cooperation and thrift.
    Kenneth Culcan
  • Given the option of an MHC which protects management, it is hard to understand why more cus do not convert and then go public.
  • Not all of the "older" members and "more recent contributors" would be willing to assume the risk of stock ownership.