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In the age of the mobile consumer, a unified virtual branch strategy is the best way for credit unions to deliver on their promise of personal service.


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Technology has altered the face of personal service forever and, as a result, the modern consumer is conditioned to be much more self-sufficient.

People want to do things for themselves, precisely when they feel like it. And credit union members are not exempt from this phenomenon.

The same individuals who once sought out personal service are now actively choosing to interact with financial institutions remotely, on their own terms.

While the membership-oriented standards that have historically differentiated credit unions are as important as ever – how service is being delivered to these individuals is rapidly changing.

Personal service used to come in the form of firm handshakes and first-name-basis relationships. Today, it means enabling members to do things for themselves, while ensuring that the electronic experiences you provide are as robust and fulfilling as what you’d offer in a branch.

Excellence In All Channels

This transition to self-service started with online banking, when members first grew accustomed to handling their financial business without actually setting foot near a physical credit union branch. But today, online is just one part of the equation.

The advent of smartphones, and more recently tablets, has propelled this trend even further.

We’re now multi-device consumers living in an increasingly mobile world. According to J. Gilbert of The Huffington Post, consumers spend 128 minutes per day on their smartphones, and eMarketer says that tablets have outpaced smartphones in web traffic.

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix successfully foresaw this mobile paradigm shift and even helped pioneer it. Not only did these companies provide any device access, they also committed the resources to ensure that each mobile experience reflected positively upon their brand.

Ever since, consumers have begun choosing their other busines reltionships, including those with financial institutions, according to these same heightened standards.

Your members now expect to be able to bank whenever, wherever, and on whatever device is most convenient for them.

And as the lines between online, mobile and tablet banking continue to blur, members expect these interactions to look and feel the same across all of their different devices.

Refocusing Your Service Priorities

Credit unions need to embrace mobile as yet another way in which to live up to their promise of accommodating members and their needs.

Every mobile interaction a member has with your credit union reinforces how they regard your institution. That’s why this channel deserves as much attention as your brick-and-mortar locations, if not more.

Members don’t just want to be satisfied with mobile offerings. They want their expectations exceeded,

If a credit union’s mobile banking experience is simple, fulfilling, and provides just the right functionality, members are going to enjoy these interactions and will reward the brand with their loyalty.

Giving your members the consistent, feature-rich experience they expect and desire is the ultimate continuation of the personal service that drove them to choose a credit union in the first place.

However you choose to approach the ever-growing mobile channel, make sure the decision complements your commitment to member service and provides your credit union with a competitive advantage.

Leveraging the true power of a virtual branch will drive increased member acquisition, retention, and revenue. Experience the power of a unified online banking strategy today – you’re only one conversation away.

Ned Tobey is Vice President of Product Management at Q2. Q2, a part of Q2 Holdings, offers one unified ebanking solution that spans all electronic banking channels, providing end users with a unified ebanking experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Q2 focuses on delivering this streamlined, fully featured ebanking solution with flexible deployment options for your financial institution, complete with native analytics and multi-layered security measures.

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Sept. 9, 2013


  • It may just be me, but what is covered in this article seems like old news. What would be very helpful would be some detailed information on what the priorities should be for credit unions as they embark on their mobile strategy. Is mobile online banking the first priority, followed by RDC, followed by video chat, etc.?