Dec. 19, 2011


  • Why are they using a Pin wheel design for cartwheel checking?
    any cu gal
  • Great article! But how many articles have I seen like this over the last several years...since I have been beating the drums for CUs to wake up and engage directly with the CFO of the household. And only one credit union has made a commitment to this market...Verity! (Gabby is a campaign---not a full blown strategy--just my take). Shari gets it...but I'll be she had to have her best presentation to convince the board...and based on FACTS, not feelings. Someone else who gets it...Sarah Cooke and Myriam Digiovanni at CU Times (WOMEN TO WATCH). Check out their commitment to women and credit unions. So I'll keep harping on this...because time is on my side. Sooner or later, smart leadership will recognize that "engaging women" has nothing to do with "gender" and everything to do with cultivating THE "decision maker" for most FIs!
    Roger Conant