Moving To a New Strategy--Before We Expire

Most managers and boards see the future of financial services, but are unable to move their credit unions there. The jump we need to make if credit unions are to survive is from a model of member relationships built around Funds on Deposit (FOD) to one based on Assets Under Management (AUM). Managers and directors know this, especially in larger credit unions, because this is how their own financial affairs have evolved. For example, rarely does the credit union have the majority of its own top management and directors' savings. Like many households, the retirement dollars are resting in mutual funds, annuities, and other non-insured "investment" products, if not directly in individual stocks and bonds. Unless credit unions can make this transition to serving members as measured by Assets Under Management, the credit union's role as a payment provider and short-term savings place will cause us to slide into irrelevance. What's Stopping Change?