NCUA Resources: What You Need to Know About NCUA's Actions

Educate yourself on the corporate issue with a compilation of Chip Filson's latest articles, webinar and press conference.


Over the past month we've seen tremendous momentum building on in light of the NCUA conservatorship action:

  • Over 16,000 individuals read an article about the issue
  • 1,082 ranked an article, affirming their interest in tracking this important issue
  • Over 600 people tuned into our NCUA-related webinars
  • 104 people voiced their opinion by commenting on an article

We applaud your interest in joining this vital discussion and are going to work with credit unions every step of the way to give you the tools you need to influence the key issues confronting credit unions today.

Stay tuned for more on the corporate conservatorship issue, including how you can network with like-minded peers, combining forces to leverage your impact on the future of the credit union industry.

Playbutton Press Conference: Chip Filson and Jay Johnson on NCUA's Conservatorship
On Tuesday, March 31st, Chip Filson and Jay Johnson hosted a press conference on NCUA's conservatorship of US Central and Wescorp.

Press Statement on NCUA Conservatorship Action
On Tuesday, March 31st, Chip Filson hosted a press conference to review his assessment of NCUA's actions after the Conservatorship became final overnight. This is his full press statement.

Letter to NCUA re: the Math on the $9 Billion Credit Loss Estimate
The industry is deeply concerned about the numbers used in taking the decisions to conserve Wescorp and US Central. I would like to explain the basis for this concern. I have attempted to describe the situation in a way that a lay person, the press, or any other interested party might understand the implications from the conclusions you reached.

Interview with Filson: NCUA Conservatorship & its Impact on Credit Unions

A follow-up interview with Chip Filson about events following NCUA’s conservatorship by CUtv’s Hunter Moss.

Playbutton Special Webinar NCUA's Corporate Conservatorship: What's at Stake for the Credit Union System?
Now that NCUA has presented its reasons for taking over US Central and Wescorp, learn what this really means for the credit union system and what options you have to challenge NCUA's actions.

Timeless Wisdom in a Timely Moment: We Don't Run Credit Unions
When Ed Callahan went to NCUA in 1981, the Illinois Credit Union League presented him with a framed memento to hang in his DC Office. The sign read: “We don’t run credit unions.” This wisdom was forgotten when last Friday, NCUA put itself in charge of the two largest Corporates with total assets of over $60 billion through conservatorship.