Jan. 25, 2010


  • NCUA has handled the bank conversion regulations in the same conflicted way by using regulation to change the law. The "court' of public opinion and the Congress will weigh-in some day. Credit unions should start planning to be regulated by FDIC. Frankly, it would be best for the members and the public.
  • When will the other shoe drop? With Corporate Central in conservatorship and their losses and insolvency crammed down to Member Corporates...leaves them to pass these losses on through New Capital mandates. The entire CU System in peril - Make sure you review and Comment on the proposed NCUA Corporate Regs!
    Curious Credit Union
  • NCUA is currently not interested in assisting CUs, but only concerned with their employees' job security.

    Their "findings" and "cures" are worse than the supposed problems.

    Rather than offer constructive alternatives, they impose restrictiions that worsen the situation.

    I echo the previous respondent who welcomes the FDIC oversight instead.

  • What should concern us all is what why they are not releasing the report. One must speculate that there there is more bad news to come with corporate OTTI loss write downs. Clearly mortgage securities in general have more hits to take given nationwide mortagage default rates and the restructuring wave that is going on. These events will continue to flow back to mortgage security pools with negative affects on values. And this at a time when NCUA is doing a road show to convince credit unions to recapitalize corporates. And they will not release the PIMCO reports. This should make us all feel good!
  • Is it time that NCUA be conserved if they can't do a better job than this?
  • I believe the agency has tried too hard to please too many - in my opinion they should had held the line on the initial assessment last March. How much have we added to the burden by spreading this over 7 years? Too much.

    The same political pressure they have experienced in relaxing regulatory rules - example we need to be able to make more business loans.

    Hello - look at the banking industry today they are bleeding to death on their bad commercial loans and we are pushing to jump in and get our share of this bad stuff.

    We can all be backseat drivers but we should understand the real culprit goes up the line to those who allowed all of these risky unregulated companies to be in business producing junk loans. In the last several years you could be a mortgage company with nothing more than a telephone - rented desk and chair. How may times have you had to turn down a request to refinance say a GMAC mortgage where the home owner owed 3 times the value of the property. Speaking of GMAC - free ride for the wolf in the hen house.

    Go the the FDIC - think about that one they have their hands full and are licking wounds for over looking the mess their banks were in. The good banks will pay the bill for the regulatory failures over there the same as we credit unions are doing today. They reset fees last February to recoop $27 Billion for the insurance fund.

    Another curious cu