June 12, 2017


  • Congratulations to Maggie and Peru Credit Union. In today's world, if you are operating like you are in the 1970's, then you will soon be gone. Sometimes it is the board that is resistant, and sometimes it is operating management. I commend the board for allowing Maggie and her staff bring the credit union into the 21st Century! As a retired regulator, I have watched the number of credit unions decline over the last 40 years. I continue to consult with credit unions and I am excited when I see a young leader take on the task of reversing financial trends and operating practices.
  • Maggie, I read your story with much interest. Being part of the CU Industry for over 35 years I have a true appreciation for what you are doing for your small community. My father, CEO for a small Knight of Columbus CU in Detroit gave loans to many members who were turned away from the big banks. He was well loved for this. I know that the NCUA are always looking @ ROI, Capital and efficiency ratio's, but there is more to running a credit union than these STATS. Good luck and congratulation. Brian
    Brian Molloy
  • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jim. Maggie Pope and Peru FCU really do seem to be forging a bright future there!
    Marc Rapport