Oct. 13, 2008


  • I’m not as convinced as Mr. Filson that the credit union model and its culture have inherent strengths that can be leveraged in the current crisis. I would rather bet on the intelligence and talent of many of the people involved in credit unions. I feel very confident that the many smart people out there running credit unions will customize solutions that work for them locally. I don’t think that there will be a universal solution that will work for everyone. Consider it a variation on “think globally, but act locally.”
    Marvin Umholtz
  • Very well said Chip. I truly believe that to a very large extent, the vital role that credit unions play as trusted,professional and personal financial institutions is becoming much better known,valued and accepted in the marketplace. It is a darn shame that it takes a financial crisis originated by others not so trustworthy to make that happen Now, we just have to have congress listen as closely!
    Mike Mastro