June 12, 2006


  • We are going through this same 'growing pain' now - the way the middle management is or isn
    Amy Spinelli
  • As an OD professional, there is nothing new or innovative in this article. But it is nice to see that at least one CU understands it
  • Good article on a theme often overlooked. As CU organizations grow, "growing pains" can also relate to the difficulties experienced staff have in adapting to new expectations in an altered culture. To the extent that you can match them in a proactive manner with the new organizational needs you stand a better chance of retaining the expertise and keeping them happy. It is not easy for steady competent managers immersed in their jobs to see the big organizational picture the way execs do so why not make it a point to spend a few minutes with them on career pathing in the changing CU.
    Michael Palladino
  • Not for printing, but this article is too vague and high-level. Would have been more interesting to hear a specific example of a recommendation made by the org dev consultant, how the CU implemented and what the results have been. Basically all it says is that growth requires new organizational approaches but doesn't give any real meat.
  • It would have been more helpful to have some information on what kinds of O.D. issues are faced at which points along the growth curve, as well as an indication of how to handle them (or at least some references for further research). Thanks!
    Wendy Danbury