Nov. 19, 2007


  • We are a firm beliver in providing interest refunds, bonus dividends as well as rewards (Platinum VISA and debit card programs). We have been fortunate to have a financial structure that has allowed us to do this for over 70 years and also believe that our members have a deeper connection with us knowing that they are treated as member/owners who receive a return over and above our ongoing competitive pricing. We think this approach has been a good differntiator and shows in a concrete manner a very important aspect of what "value" of membership is and can be.
    Mike Mastro
  • Excellent article, however you don''t know the whole facts about DFCU Financial. They were trying to become a bank. Once the board got stopped, they had extra funds to give back. During the years that the CU was trying to convert, they didn''t give back a dime.