Oct. 5, 2009


  • I appreciate the reporting of what I believe were very thoughtful questions.Why did the reporter not include any responses by NCUA? The title preasumes teh reader would get both teh questions and responses.
    John Gregoire
  • Our goal was to identify the outcomes credit unions are looking for as they shared their priorities for the system with NCUA. The overriding concern for many credit unions is what is missing - a vision for the system as a whole and corporates in particular (the last point in the article). This gap is leading credit unions to look at alternatives to corporates for processing and investment services - the Iowa League's application to purchase a bank charter is the latest example. Until NCUA demonstrates an ability work collaboratively with the industry on addressing this fundamental issue, the corporate network will be viewed as a risk to the system rather than a positive force.
    Jay Johnson
  • I agree. I read the article with the idea I woiuld as you put it hear the voices of the NCUA. All I saw was what I already have "heard" from other CU's. Honestly, NCUA had blindsided us with this NCUSIF problem and we are all hurting in various degrees. We need solutions and ideas for "preventative" action.
    R Zarlingo
  • The article misses the pivotal issue, that of the need to recapitalize corporate credit union in amounts necessary for their survival; not going to happen.
    Raymond Dowling