Plan for the Future, Even During Times of Uncertainty

Now is the time for credit unions to build relationships with young adults to ensure long-term growth and stability for the industry.


Corporate Bailout Drags Down CUs
~Credit Union Journal

Uncertainty Frustrates CU Financial Managers
~Credit Union Times

Financial Advisers Don't See a Quick Rebound
~Boston Globe

Today, there is a great deal of uncertainty, not only in the credit union industry, but about the economy as a whole. Despite solid growth across many important metrics, the strategic consciousness of the industry is perpetually directed toward the short term, and in many cases rightly so. It is still unclear exactly how much has been lost in corporate investments; the regulatory environment governing the industry is constantly shifting; economists are predicting that unemployment will continue to rise throughout 2009, even into 2010.

What about after that? What about 2015? 2020? 2050? At what point does the strategy of this recession transition from a focus on surviving to thriving? The vast majority of credit unions have been able to maintain healthy capital levels and achieve robust balance sheet growth throughout the first quarter of 2009. Understandably, in times of uncertainty, it can be extremely difficult to justify making long-term investments over the next two years, especially those that might not fully pay off for another ten.

"Gen Y" has become just a buzz word for some, and a dubious, unaffordable investment for others. However, CYouth believes that reaching young adults is—or rather, should be—a critical component of a credit union's long-term growth strategy. Below is the most recent episode from CYouth, featuring Amy Eblacker presenting the top five reasons to reach Gen Y.

If your youth marketing program has been one of the casualties in the war on expenses, isn't it time to re-examine how you can resume your investment in Gen Y? Or if you don’t have a youth program yet, it is never too late to start. For additional resources on Gen Y, please visit the