Aug. 15, 2011


  • Good article. Liquidity risks you point out are very real in the worst of times. Business model failures of NCUA and the conserved corporates are also a tandem that is too risky to support. We will recapitalize a surviving corporate as part of our liquidity solution, but will not support the bridge corporates that are overly NCUA dependant. FYI NCUAs unwaivering liquidity support during the height of the banking crises depended partially on their own ignorance of the corporate risks they were about to face.
    Michael Palladino
  • Another thoughtful article by Chip. Think of the long-term and the unintended consequences of our actions. Excellent! What a refreshing contrast to Fred Becker and his recent comments trying to incite panic that some corporates were on the brink of failure and credit unions should act quickly to avoid chaos - thank goodness NAFCU has a partner provider in the wings ready to help. We all should research and give great thought to not only today but to the future of our actions and make decisions that first do no harm and indeed help our own organizations but equally important help the system at large. Chip contributes to that discussion. Mr Becker shows that NAFCU once again has become irrevelent and only self-serving in the discussion.
  • I agree.

    Very well stated.

    I hope readers understands the message in this article.
    Gary Bell
  • A lot of credit unions are going to have a serious wake up call if Western Bridge goes out of business, as many are expecting. Some have no back up plan at all. How will that bode for all credit unions when possibly hundreds are scrambling for their next provider?
    Sarah Snell Cooke
  • This article raises several ligitimate and very valid points. Unfortunately, I fear it is too late and too many decision makers have decided not to look at all the facts -- focusing more on their own credit union working timetable.