Protect Your Credit Union’s Income Potential

Four resources to help you understand the issues brought on by today’s environment and evaluate if your credit union has a healthy mix of income sources.


With Reg E going into effect this month, loan demand slowing in a record-low rate environment, and other regulatory changes on the horizon, the earnings environment is tight. But how do these regulatory and market conditions influence credit unions? For one, they make non-interest income critical in maintaining credit union bottom lines.

To help you ensure your credit union has a healthy mix of income sources, Callahan & Associates has compiled resources to help you understand the issues brought on by today’s environment. And because knowing is only half the battle, we’re also providing actions your credit union should consider to help it strengthen its earnings. 

The Financial Effect of CUSOs on Their Owners
Callahan & Associates completed a non-interest income survey of more than 150 credit unions. This article reviews preliminary figures surrounding NSF/Overdraft/Courtesy Pay and provides alternative options for non-interest income.

CUtv Short: The Potential Income Affect of Reg E Changes for Credit Unions
In this clip, watch Callahan & Associates' executive vice president, Jay Johnson, discuss the impact Reg E could potentially have on the credit union industry's ROA.

Credit Unions Are Already Cutting Overdraft Fees
Callahan & Associates’ year-end non-interest income survey provides a pre-Reg E industry snapshot as well as insight into how credit unions are bracing for Reg E impact. 

Regulation E, Non-interest Income, and Credit Union Bottom Lines
Callahan analyst Lydia Cole looks at the potential consequences of the non-interest income regulation.




June 30, 2010


  • I am in a union work place, but don't know how to go about getting a auto loan thought

    a credit union, as I don't have but $500.00 to put down, and would like my payments around 300.00 per month.

    Thank You

    Garry Robinson
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