Protecting a Credit Union’s Most Valued Employee Benefit

Learn how your credit union can continue to provide valued pension plans under the reforms of The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA).




The credit union industry is known for its focus on service—service to members and service to employees. Typically credit unions provide very competitive employee benefit packages. For many credit unions this includes an extremely valuable pension or defined benefit plan.

Pension plans have come under tremendous pressure in recent years due to their cost volatility, complex regulatory and accounting requirements, and lack of appreciation by employees often due to the frequency of job changing in the market place. However, difficult economic times make this valuable employee benefit perhaps the best tool any employer could have to attract and retain talent. More than ever protecting this benefit for your employees should be given every consideration.

2008 will be a challenging year for the management of all pensions. The reforms of The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) including new funding rules for pension plans are complex and require a strategy to ensure compliance with several key requirements. For example, have you determined?

  • Where you stand with respect to 2008 plan funding requirements
  • The negative impact on your participant lump sum values
  • If your plan's funded ratio will create benefit restrictions or other issues
  • The risk associated with the volatility of plan liabilities in relation to plan assets
  • The optimal liability driven investment strategy necessary to reduce funding volatility and risk

As a not-for-profit provider of retirement benefit solutions for financial services organizations, Pentegra has published a white paper to help explain the dramatic shift required for pension investment management under the PPA. We are pleased to offer access to this white paper by clicking here. For more information please contact David Brown, or 770-579-0200.