Rank High In Employee Satisfaction

TruMark Financial Credit Union offers open communication, incentives, and career training to create a positive workplace.


For three consecutive years, TruMark Financial Credit Union ($1.4B, Trevose, PA) has been named one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

“We value our employees’ feedback and are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of the culture here to ensure our employees are happy,” says JoAnn McCausland, senior vice president of human resources.

The credit union regularly provides communication channels and training, and hosts special events, such as wellness seminars, raffles, and summer family events for employees.

To determine the best places to work, the CPBJ creates an extensive questionnaire with 88 in-depth questions and sends out it out to employees. Employees are asked about salary and benefits, supervision, communication, and morale among other things. The scoring is on a six-point scale. TruMark’s employee satisfaction scores have steadily increased since 2007 and have ranked above its peers every year since.

“That’s not an easy task,” says McCausland. “It’s not going to happen overnight.”

Since 2005, the credit union has been creating a culture focused on employee involvement and satisfaction. In 2009, TruMark hit the list at No. 13 out of 100. It’s continued to move up the list, coming in tenth in 2010 and third in 2011.

One of the reasons TruMark continues to rank on the CPBJ list is that it strives for open, honest communication between every department, including the CEO who is transparent, clear about goals, and doesn’t hide in the corner office, McCausland says.

TruMark, along with offering competitive salary and benefits, has an ongoing recognition program. Employees receive cash rewards for “being caught in the act” of providing excellent customer service and sending hand-written thank-you cards.

“It’s the simple things that matter here at TruMark,” says McCausland. “It’s the pizza parties. It’s the hand-written thank-you notes. It certainly is the honesty and, more importantly, it’s knowing employees on a personal level that has helped TruMark become the best.”

Both McCausland and Michael Patterson, director of training at TruMark, also credit the cooperative financial institution’s training program and career development culture for its success.

Five years ago, TruMark began a Leadership Development Program in which five to six employees spend a year studying the different departments in the credit union. The program enhances employees’ communication skills with written and public speaking assignments.

Employees in the Leadership Development Program are also asked to visit local banks, critique their experience, and bring feedback on the institution’s customer service.

“It opens up our employees’ eyes to say, ‘Hey, this is a great place to work,’” says McCausland.

More than two-thirds of the employees that have participated in the Leadership Development Program have been promoted.

“We have pretty high goals here so the employees definitely have to work,” says Patterson. “The key is treating the employees like people … and valuing what they bring to the credit union.”

TruMark has been able to market its success well and has seen its employee turnover rate drop from double to single digits over the past several years.

“Keeping this status is an ongoing challenge, however it’s an opportunity to consistently stay in touch with our employees,” says McCausland.  “And that’s what it’s all about.”