Reaching The Underserved

Carla Decker describes how ACCESO makes the immigrant community a priority for its services.


The ACCESO branch of District Government Employees Federal Credit Union ($47.7M, Washington D.C.) uses innovative promotions and techniques to serve the immigrant population of the local Washington, D.C., community. Carla Decker, CEO of District Government Employees CU, says credit unions should aim to overcome the hurdles to serving the unbanked.




May 17, 2012


  • This establishes the statistics up front: (1) Chief Marketing Officers like factual data. (2)Then, it opens the dialogue demonstrating that the demographics of America are changing; the growing segments of younger populations are other than Anglo. To grow and to be relevant, the CUs must be where the people are, and meet the needs of the people where they are. (3)Barriers begin and end in the mind. This helps CU Executives examine more closely what their mindset has been.
    Angela Mitchell
  • How fortunate the citizens of this community are to have a place where they can go to ensure their future because your credit union is there to financially educate and support them while they establish sound spending and saving habits.