Nov. 5, 2012


  • Mobile will provide for additional access. Being able to open new accounts via cellphone will allow a younger population to join, and then enjoy the benefits of credit unions. The challenge is to make it affordable for smaller credit unions.
    Steve Bowles
  • We are in the process of adding online account opening and are hoping that it will dramatically reduce the time it takes to open accounts in addition to the convenience for the members.
  • We currently use MeridianLink's Xpress Accounts for online account opening. We will launching their mobile app to make it even easier for existing members to open new deposit accounts as well as new members to begin their relationship with us. People are embracing solutions such as this article points out more than ever. Credit unions are wise to take note and make it available to their members and potential members.
    Jim Johnson
  • Other than CIP for non-members, are there no compliance issues with this? I'm just curious if it is worth the risk.
    Liz C
  • So glad to see a CU devoting more resources to online media spend.

    The numbers work out to a CTR of .5% and a CPC of $.22. Not the lowest CPC for mobile, but by most FI advertising standards that's incredibly cheap; and most importantly that's a campaign you can easily optimize and scale.

    The Financial Marketer