Real Estate Transaction Gone Good

Member feedback for Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville, FL, proves that real estate transactions can go smoothly.


Two weeks ago, while sitting in a hotel lobby eating dinner, I listened to a table of four women off to my right gossip and carry on about recent life events. About half-way through my great bowl of New England clam chowder, one of the women left the table to answer her cell phone. Moments later, as she rejoined the group, she proclaimed it was her real estate agent calling and there had been some sort of issue. Just as she was about to explain the issue, my ears burning with curiosity, the woman seated directly across from her blurted out in a raised voice, “I would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than have to deal with a real estate agent!” This sparked snickering and fueled their table debate for the next fifteen minutes.

I sat there for a moment contemplating whether or not to politely barge into the conversation and find out a little more about where these harsh feelings toward real estate agents were coming from. Because, of course, I have very different views regarding real estate agents and how they handle our credit union members and their transactions. In fact, a Community First Real Estate Services Program Member Advocate just received an e-mail from a member last week that perfectly illustrates my point: Real estate transactions can be handled properly and turn out to be a great experience. That is of course if your members are experiencing their transaction through their credit union’s Real Estate Services Program.

“I wanted to let you know that the real estate agent that your service provided me was fantastic,” began Shane Swindell, a member of Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida. He continued by saying, “My agent was patient, knowledgeable, and as professional as a person could be. It was a pleasure working with him.” Swindell continued, “Furthermore, I want you to know that my wife and I will not only be recommending our credit union but also the Real Estate Services Program to everyone that we know. It just does not make sense to purchase a home any other way.”

In addition to the wonderful experience Mr. Swindell and his wife received from their credit union’s Real Estate Services Program, the benefits did not stop with only this exceptional experience. Mr. Swindell also went on to state, “It was very easy to take advantage of the savings through your various vendors participating in your program. We have already saved hundreds of dollars.” As the Swindell family moves into their new home they now await yet another financial benefit of going through the Community First Real Estate Services Program. Their rebate check, which is 20% of their agent’s commission, will show up in the mail within 30 days of successfully closing their real estate transaction.

In closing, I want to give special thanks to the table of ladies that I was eavesdropping on in that hotel lobby. You were the inspiration for this article, yet I am sorry to hear that your take on real estate agents and the whole transaction process is so dismal. As indicated by the glowing unsolicited e-mail feedback from this Community First Credit Union member, real estate agents and transactions can actually go good! Lastly, my advice to that table of women, and all others reading this article, is to check out your local credit union and allow them to help you make your real estate transaction a great one!



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July 25, 2005


  • How are your agents different and what are they doing to earn that respect from members. Terrible article