Refinance Potential With HARP 2

Credit unions have the opportunity to refinance between 1 million and 4 million mortgage loans.


Jay Johnson, executive vice president for Callahan & Associates, reviewed the prospects for credit unions to refinance member mortgage loans in 2012 on the 3Q11 Trendwatch Call.  Johnson describes the pending changes to HARP 2 as a benefit for the cooperative movement in 2012.




Nov. 29, 2011


  • Appreciate the article.
  • Here is another good article where they interviewed one of the lobbyist of HARP 2

    Jane Dowie
  • Credit Unions can easily identify members who qualify for a HARP refinance by using Tranzact Information Services to perform a data append to member files, that will identify good payment history, LTV, and whether current mortgage is likely to be Fannie or Freddie. This makes targeting via mail, phone or email very efficient. Visit to request the data card. Or read Tranzact's recent blogs on HARP.
    Joan Sparks
  • Opportunity in our membership base and we can take advantage of it or someone else will!