Rekindle The Pioneer Spirit

It’s time to start something that will sustain the cooperative movement for another 100 years.


This week I am talking about the spirit of pioneers and how to rekindle that drive in all credit unions at CU*Answers’ 2012 Annual Leadership Event. Sustainability comes from respecting the effort, hope, and drive it takes to look uphill and run to meet challenges. As an industry, we must endorse those who will – and those who have – taken on challenges through new endeavors or continued efforts.

Our system is ripe with naysayers and those who believe the day of peers coming together with other peers and starting a cooperative to create consumer choice is long gone, not worth the effort, and just too damn hard for the payoff. But giving in to that kind of thinking and regret over lost opportunities is a signal that our industry is lost to the cynics and worn spirit.

So my challenge to you, today, is to start something in your credit union, in your CUSO, in your cooperative. Create the spark that will enable everyone to do it all over again. That’s the spark that will sustain us for another 100 years. 

Connect with your cooperative roots and celebrate the International Year of the Cooperative with us all.