March 17, 2008


  • Certainly an educated guess on trends would say that Remote Deposit Capture is something that will play into a credit union''s e-document strategy. If credit unions consider their e-document strategy as Hanscom FCU has done, determining that the objective is to reach a maturity in its member relations, credit unions will begin to unlock the power of a solid e-document strategy. C21 is only one piece in that strategy, although important and significant. I''d love to hear more about how Hanscom is dealing with the RDC risk assessments for both ATM and Remote Capture with its members. The industry is under educated in this aspect of their business. Let''s face it, CU''s are new to the world of item processing, as Corporate CU''s have done their item processing for years. Very few have enough education and knowledge to know there are benefits and risks with processing.
    Bret Weekes