Seven Reasons to Move Item Processing In-House

Enhance member service, cut costs, and take control of a vital operation.


Significant changes in government legislation and technology have changed the fundamentals of item processing. Traditionally, the only affordable option for small- to medium-sized credit unions was to outsource to a third party. Now, credit unions of all sizes are fulfilling that function themselves. Here are 7 reasons why your credit union should move item processing in-house.

  1. Declining volumes in item processing have changed the cost-per-item-processed. Check volume has declined 40% in the past five years alone.
  2. Electronic image exchange has dramatically reduced the cost of processing items in-house. The days of room-sized sorters and the staff to operate them are long gone.
  3. Hardware and software costs for in-house item processing systems have steadily declined over the past 10 years, making them more affordable for credit unions of any size.
  4. Best practices in item processing have driven the point of capture farther out to the point of presentment. Teller, merchant, home, ATM, and mobile capture mean less scanning and reduced costs for credit unions.
  5. With .NET technology, many of the previously insurmountable integration roadblocks are eliminated.
  6. Technical innovation continues to make item processing more efficient, and therefore, more cost-effective.
  7. The Federal Reserve has rationalized its paper processing operations into a single branch in Cleveland, significantly increasing the cost of clearing paper items while decreasing the cost of clearing images.

Bluepoint Solutions Announces Item Processing Study
Bluepoint Solutions presented the results of its comprehensive study on credit unions and item processing in an interactive webinar, now available for on-demand viewing. The webinar covers available solutions, reviews the technical requirements for implementation, and provides helpful criteria for evaluating the benefits of an in-house versus outsourced solution for financial institutions. It also explores the ways an in-house item processing solution contributes to cost control and enhances member service.

Featured speakers presented on direct clearing from the Fed and implementing in-house processing. A Federal Reserve representative discussed options for going directly to the Fed for clearing, while a respected credit union currently running an in-house solution provided insight and best practices. Learn why the credit union decided to use an in-house solution and what its experience has been. Both presenters participated in an active question and answer forum at the end of the session.

Learn more about in-house processing today! Register for Bluepoint's on-demand webinar recording and take advantage of peer and industry insight. 



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